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Terms And Conditions

Any participation on this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement.

In a way, is an image hosting service. What this means is, if you remember the URL it gives you for every image that you upload, you may practically use that image personally. If you have used before, you can remember that it was popular to use image hosting services because they allow users to upload their images online, usually for free, so that they can use images directly from their computers as background images for their "profile" or "home" pages. In other words, if you want to upload an image to the internet for whatever reason, like for a myspace profile page, acts as an image hosting service that way (like maybe as your cover photo on facebook and/or for inspiration for your cover photo on facebook).

On, people can share the love through sharing information about the world around us through images. Imagine an alien race visiting our planet and want to know a little more about it. It can simply browse and understand the concepts it is researching for. For example, when they search for "birds," hopefully, the images that would be shown will give them an idea on what birds are. More usefully, a school teacher might be searching for a good background image for his/her powerpoint presentation; will be full of images on which the said school teacher can reasonably choose a background image that he/she truly likes without the risk of using something that he/she may not use because of various copyright concerns.

The possibilities are endless, basically (like when you need picture(s) for presentation and/or entertainment as a student and the like, this is the legal way to do it).

It is also worthy to note that you can use all the services of even with your javascript turned off on your browser and/or device. Google around to know how to turn off javascript.

However, naturally, there are images that doesn't allow: adult content(s), copyrighted material(s), recreational drugs and drug-related content(s), alcohol and tobacco-related content(s) (although informational content(s) relating to brewing or distilling beer, as well as content related to the topic of quitting smoking are ok), hacking and cracking content(s), violent content(s), weapon-related content(s), content(s) that enables dishonest behavior, illegal content(s), and image(s) that can be regarded as invasion(s) of privacy, and any content with hate speech. doesn't allow these images because of's personal reasons; but mostly, it is because it complies with the laws of the world; it doesn't allow illegal activities; thus, sharing the love.

What Is Adult Content?

Anything that wouldn't make you comfortable viewing at work or with family members around.

What Is Copyrighted Material?

Any content that violates the copyright law.

What Is Recreational Drugs And Drug-Related Content?

Content that has recreational drugs and drug-related stuff on it.

What Is Alcohol And Tobacco-Related Content?

Anything that is encouraging the use of alcohol and tobacco, although informational content(s) relating to brewing or distilling beer, as well as content related to the topic of quitting smoking are ok.

What Is Hacking And Cracking Content?

Content that educates and encourages people on how to hack computers and the like.

What Is Violent Content?

Content that portrays graphic or gory images such as bloodshed, fight scenes, and gruesome or freak accidents.

What Is Weapon-Related Content?

Content that encourages and allows the sales of weapons and weapon accessories, or explosives including fireworks.

What Is Illegal Content?

Anything that is illegal.

What Is Image That Can Be Regarded As Invasion Of Privacy

This depends on the country you are on and the answer to this depends on the laws of your country and/or the country you are on regarding invasion of privacy. As long as it is legal, it is ok.

What Is Hate Speech

Anything that promotes hatred against an individual, group, or organization.

Principle Of Privacy Policy

The basic rule of in terms of Privacy Policy, honestly, is that it only uses any information from any of its user(s) for the sole purpose of serving its said users to the best of its ability.

Privacy Policy

To accept this terms and conditions, you must also accept the Privacy Policy of For information on what information collects, how uses that information, and to whom discloses that information, go to Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Link

You visit third-party links at your own risk because's terms and conditions do not apply to them. Broadly, any website that is outside of is not included on's terms and conditions; therefore, you visit these said websites at your own risk.


Ads fuel with income.


For clarity, you retain all of your ownership rights in your image(s). However, by uploading your image(s) to, you hereby grant a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the image(s) in connection with using and's (and its successors' and affiliates') business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. You also hereby grant each user of a non-exclusive license to access your image(s) through, and to use, reproduce, distribute, display and perform such image(s) as permitted through the functionality of and under these terms and conditions.

Disclaimer and its components are offered for artistic purposes only; shall not be responsible or liable for accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that art.

Intellectual Property Rights Provision and its original content, features, and functionality are owned by Joanna Marie Bautista Clark and are protected by international copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.

Notification Provision reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time as it sees fit and your continued use of will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. If there are any changes to our terms and conditions, it will announce that these changes have been made on's Important Announcements page. Any changes to terms and conditions will be posted on Important Announcements 30 days prior to these changes taking place. You are therefore advised to re-read this statement on a regular basis.

How To Use

There are at least seven ways to use
  1. To upload image(s) (only JPEG, PNG, and GIF files are allowed)
  2. To be able to upload image(s), go to Upload and follow the instructions there, which is basically:

    a. Select an image to upload by clicking "Choose File" (the file limit is 3MB; note that 3MB in bytes here is 3145728)

    b. After choosing an image you want to upload, enter a title that would briefly describe your image (with a maximum of 124 characters)

    c. After doing all of the above, click "Upload Image"

    d. Keep the URL where the image resides, in case you want to use it for later use (for example, if you want to use it as the URL you use on myspace to change your background) (to access the image you just uploaded right away, click on the image beside the "Upload Image" button and/or the URL itself). As you can see, the URL that gives you is much more readable than other image hosting companies'. Check out this wikipedia article to gain more info about the common URLs that image hosting websites, which doesn't require registration, give, which are non-human-readable and non-friendly; particularly on the Comparison of photo-sharing websites part on the bottom of the wikipedia article page.

    e. Repeat the process to upload more image(s) and the like.

  3. To view image(s)
  4. To be able to view image(s), go to View Images

    a. Enter what you are searching for on the text box

    b. Click "Search."

    VERY IMPORTANT: to access the entirety of the image(s), click on them like how you would click any link. You can save images that can be viewed on To know how to save any image that you like on, google around for it and/or consult your browser how.

  5. To be able to use the image(s) through the URL gave you
  6. a. Simply enter the URL on your browser's address bar and the like (another way to use it is to use it as a background image for your myspace profile page).

  7. To bookmark
  8. a. Ask your browser on how to bookmark any page and apply that on

  9. To access your searches without bookmark
  10. a. Enter what you are searching for on the text box

    b. Click "Search"

    c. Copy the URL on the address bar

    d. Access your searches without using any bookmark by using the said URL on the address bar of your chosen browser

  11. To share your searches without any bookmark
  12. a. Enter what you are searching for on the text box

    b. Click "Search"

    c. Copy the URL on the address bar

    d. Share your searches without any bookmark by sharing the said URL. People to whom you want to share your searches with can access your searches by using the said URL on the address bar of their chosen browsers

  13. Mixed
  14. a. Mix the six above.

      Again, this is the minimum number of ways you can use There are infinite ways on how you can use like you can share any link from on facebook and the like (Google+ and the like) too if you want.

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